Chicago Theater WorksChicago, IL, United States

Lonnie Bee LIVE in Chicago

By BeeMANAGED Entertaiment (other events)

Friday, April 28 2023 7:00 PM 9:00 PM CDT

Welcome to the identity tour where you are challenge to look beyond the trends of social media and the influence of celebrities and popular people you will be  motivated to throw up the blind eye to the unrelatable behavior to dig deep and seek your true identity while being committed to your traditional roots and obeying your upbringing. you must tap into your true identity to face this world full of illusions gimmicks scams and wannabes


The goal is to identify with you even if that is a result of you standing alone The goal is to knowing the importance of following your own steps in creating your own way and claiming a name that only belongs to you starting your journey on the day that you were born in resigning in the hood that only strong  survive do you have your identification card cause tonight we will connect with our identity here on the identity tour starring your Judy on-duty Lonnie bee