WELCOME To "Brunch with Lonnie Bee" & Friends at Lonnie Bee's Comedy Cafe

By BeeMANAGED Entertaiment (other events)

7 Dates Through Oct 21, 2023

Lonnie Bee Brings to the Waldorf Maryland area Lonnie Bee Comedy Café “Brunch with your Judy on Duty Lonnie Bee” We will break bread and nurture our soul with food and laughter in a family setting, embracing our existence, encouraging self love, while jamming to relatable music that better our days and comfort our nights. Lonnie invites his extended family (YOU) to an intimate space to experience another level of him Upclose and personal along with special guest performers.

Lonnie Bee has created his own “Brunch with Lonnie Bee and Friends at Lonnie Bee’s comedy café, where he describes as a home away from home, He details all the special ingredients that’s  built into his café from the entryway  which greets you with great hospitality and custom made souvenirs made from love describing his personality and all of his colorful sayings which will remind you of the family feel experience that welcomed you with open arms while hugging you tight at the same time. Lonnie likes to refer to his seating space as The Dining room where him, his Friends, Good Good Girlfriends, Homeboys, Nieces and Nephews fellowship with laughter and love while witnessing a show they will never forget produced and arranged by your Judy on duty Lonnie Bee.


Good morning Good Good Girlfriends, Homeboys, Haters, Peekaboo B!tches, Nieces and Nephews ☀️

Here’s some valuable information you should know when arriving to Lonnie Bee‘s Café please arrive with all of your party side by side so you’re able to sit in the same area because there’s no assigned seats or the option to hold seats there’s a first come, First serve seating arrangement. Brunch will be served in the first hour of opening, Doors open up at 12noon for Morning Brunch & 6pm for Evening Brunch followed by the comedy & Entertainment presentation. I Lonnie Bee who is extremely excited for you to experience my style of brunch can’t wait to see you at Lonnie Bee‘s Comedy Café “LIVE”in Waldorf Maryland. See you at Brunch!




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